Dream to reality using a
Goal Setting Worksheet

The purpose of this goal setting worksheet is to organize your dreams into a plan that will transform it to reality.

Napoleon Hill states “First comes thought; then organization of that thought, 
into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into 

There are five steps to this goal setting worksheet. The fifth step is the easiest; celebrate. To receive the full benefit and be among top goal achievers that on average have a success rate of 76%, follow the steps below exactly.

Set aside at least two hour to complete steps 1 – 2. Choose a time when your mind is fresh and you are less likely to be disturbed.

Step 1: Writing your goals

  1. Begin this step by writing a paragraph that answers the question,

    “How do I want to be remembered?”

    Take 10 minutes to answer.

  2. Ready for the fun part of the goal setting worksheet? Get several sheets of paper and list 100 goals. Or use a spreadsheet, because you will later have to organize these goals. Download the goal setting templates if using Microsoft Excel. Your list should answer the following questions.

    What kind of person will I have to be to get all I want?

    What do I want to do?

    What do I want to see?

    What do I want to be?

    What do I want to have?

    Where do I want to go?

    What do I want to share?

    What do I want to earn?

    Who do I want to spend a lot of time with?

    Take as long as needed to list 100 goals.

  3. Categorize each goal into one of the four categories.

    Personal Development (P)

    Family (F)

    Things (T)

    Money (M)

    Place the corresponding letter next to each goal or in the column labeled Goal Area if using the downloaded goal-setting template.

  4. Categorize each goal by time. Use one of the six categories.

    Less than one year (1)

    Less than three years (3)

    Less than five year (5)

    Less than 10 years (10)

    Less than 15 years (15)

    Less than 20 years (20)

    Place the corresponding time next to each goal.

  5. Pick four goals from time periods (1), (3), (5). Each time period should have a goal in Personal Development, Family, Things, and Money. If you are using the goal-setting template provided, sort by the Timeline column then by the Goal Area column.
  6. You should have at least twelve goals picked. If you have more than that is fine. Now on a separate peace of paper write a paragraph explaining why you want each goal. What is your reason for obtaining it?

    I have decided…

    I weigh …

    I drive a …

    I am excited at the thought of …

    I earn …

    I am in the process of …

    I live…

    For example, I live a Godly life every day starting now. I am in the process of driving a Cadillac CTS-V every day starting June 5, 2011.

    Now state your reason why?

    For example, I live a Godly life every day starting now because doing so is what I need to become in order to get everything I want from my Heavenly Father. In addition, I will become a wiser, healthier, and friendly person. People will start to naturally attract to me, and will seek wisdom from me. Also, by living Godly, I will be able to help a lot of people achieve their dreams.

    Continue this for each goal. If your purpose does not seem strong to you then pick another goal. A weak why yields a failed goal.

Step 2: Action Plan

Congratulations! At this point of the goal setting worksheet you have written great goals, a reason why and a commitment date. Now, it is time to develop an action plan. The action plan is a continuous developing plan. So do not stress on not having every detailed worked out. Your plan will evolve into a detailed plan over time. The good thing about writing down your action plan is you now have a record to share with others, which may choose a similar goal as you.

Write at least three immediate activities you can do to get closer to achieving each goal.

For example:

I live a Godly life every day starting now.
  • I will understand the meaning of Godly living.
  • I will read each scripture pertaining to Godliness.
  • I will take notes and incorporate something each day.

When you complete an activity replace it with another activity until the goal is achieved.

Step 3: Share Your Goal with a Friend

Congratulations! You have completed step 2 of the goal setting worksheet. Now, it is time to add accountability to your goal. When you share your goal and activities with a supportive friend, it provides pressure for you to get it done. I say supportive friend because you don’t want someone to put negative thoughts in your head that make you give up on the goal. It is already tough enough.

Pick a friend and or family member that is going to be supportive and share your goal and immediate action plan.

If you cannot decide on a friend then use us at Entrepreneur-Starter-Kit. One person will only see your goals and activity. To get started, contact us. Select Goal Setting Friend as the subject. Type in the text box, I need a supportive friend to help me achieve my goals. A member of the goal setting team will email you.

Step 4: Weekly Progress Report

How was your conversation with your friend? Completing step 3 of the goal setting worksheet proves your commitment to achieving your goals by a certain time.

So what have you done this week to get closer to that goal? Email your progress every week to your supportive friend.

Step 5: Celebrate

You did it!! You achieved your goal. Celebrate. But be safe.

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