Free Goal Setting Templates

Goal setting templates should incorporate at least four elements.

  1. Brainstorming your "I wants".
  2. Categorize each goal "I wants" into four groups.
  3. A time period for completion.
  4. An immediate action plan.

Studies have shown that people that write their goal along with a written action plan have a 51% chance to achieve it. Compared to those that do not write their goals, they have a 43% chance of achievement.

To increase the percentage to 76% you must share your goal and action plan with a friend. In addition, provide a weekly progress report. Based on the study reported by Dr. Gail Matthews from Dominican University of California.

For this reason we encourage you to use us as your friend. If you do not have a trusted friend, use us. It costs nothing. All you have to do is send us your Goals using the template below, and you will be assigned a supportive friend to encourage you every week.

This template is designed to be used with our goal setting worksheet. Microsoft Excel is required to use our template.

Click the link below to download free template.

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(Must have Microsoft Excel or a third party viewer to use this template)

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