Goal setting lesson plan

Why a goal setting lesson plan?

Napoleon Hill gives the best answer “First comes thought; then organization of that thought, 
into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into 
reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination."

The purpose of goal setting is to organize your dreams into a plan that will transform it to reality.

You might of heard of the Harvard study that people that write down their goals in an organized fashion, not only achieve them but earned more money than 97% of the students that graduated in their class.

Or you might have heard of the same story but as a 1953 Yale Study.

Which one is correct? Is the Harvard or Yale Goal Study fact or fiction? The truth is both studies are a myth. There is no documented report at Harvard or Yale of such a study.

However, in December of 2007 a Psychology Professor, Dr. Gail Matthews form Dominican University of California published his study. His study proves the Harvard Myth is correct. People that write down their goals, action commitments, and share these goals and commitments along with weekly progress reports to a supportive friend achieved 76% of their goals. Those that do not write their goals only achieved 43% of their goals.

What about people that write their goals only? They still do better than people that do not write their goals.

Here are the four key steps to achieving your dreams.

  1. Write it as a goal.
  2. Write a plan, action commitments, for each goal.
  3. Share your goal and commitments with a supportive friend(s) or family member(s).
  4. Send your friend(s) a weekly progress report.

To accelerate obtaining your dreams, a goal setting lesson plan should incorporate all 4 of the above factors. Here is a free goal setting worksheet to use.

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