Email Marketing System

How to quickly and cheaply determine
if a product will make you money.

Quickly find out, using this email marketing system, if a product or service will make you money before you invest in it. Avoid wasting hundreds and thousand of dollars on business ideas upfront. Before investing into the idea find out if the product will sell.


Do market research.

First determine if there is a profitable market for the product. Use Wordtracker GTrends. It will tell you if the product your selling fits into a profitable niche.

Second, determine if real people are willing to buy the product. Use email marketing. It is the cheapest and most effective form of marketing. There is no cost to send an email. Email accounts are free with Google, Yahoo and Internet providers. Using an email marketing system is effective because 80% of adult Americans between the ages 18 – 54 use the Internet according to Pew Internet

4-step email marketing system

  1. Send an email to at least 1,000 people that are interested in your product or service through the use of an opt-in email broadcast service. The email broadcasting company has a large list of products and services people want. All you do is choose the category that matches your product or service. We recommend HTMail, cost for 1,000 names is cheap and your guaranteed feedback with a report.
  2. People respond to your email by calling your toll free voice mail number and leave their email, fax # or home address. If people do not respond then you know the product is not a hot seller. If they respond then just maybe you have a winner.
  3. Send them a sales letter via email, mail or fax. Make sure you include an order form. If people send you a check in the mail then you know for sure it is a hot item.
  4. Collect the checks as the orders come in. If you have enough checks to cover the cost of the business opportunity then sign-up. Deposit the checks and send your new customers their product. If you decide to not join the business opportunity, return the checks.

What you need to get started

  1. Toll Free Voice Mail Number: There are services that cost less than a family dinner at McDonalds. My1Voice, which we recommend, is providing a free 30 day trial.
  2. Voice Script: Leave a informational message on the toll free voice mail number. It's a short overview to peak interest and ask for the prospect's contact information.
  3. Email Ad: This is what you will send to people through an email broadcast service. The email must peak the interest of the reader. Writing an email to get people to respond is not easy. This part is critical so spend some time learning good copywriting techniques.
  4. Sales Letter: This is what you will send to prospects that respond to your email and provided their contact information. Tip: The letter should clearly state the benefits and features of your product. Discuss at least 8 benefits to increase your sales for higher priced items. Once again learning good copywriting skills is necessary for success.

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