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Last Year… Was I Scared! – My Boss Almost Fired Me!

You’re going to love this. I was working for one of the big three automotive companies. You know the company President Obama bailed out… the one known as Government Motors.

I remember the day quite well. My bossed called me and wanted to meet in a conference room. I knew then this was not good. When I walked in the room I was surprise to see a representative from Human Resources sitting across from my boss.

As I sat down next to my boss, my stomach started forming knots. I was wondering if I was about to be fired. I remember hearing stories about people getting fired this way before. They received an unexpected phone call to meet their boss in the conference room. I hope this is not that moment. The last time I received an unexpected phone call from a boss, I was told I would be moving to another department with more responsibility. Maybe this was the situation.

My boss spoke, and introduced me to the Human Resource person. To hide their identity I am going to call the person H.R.

I said “Hello” to H.R. and H.R. replied back, “Do you know why you are here?”

“No, I do not.”

“I’m sorry, you didn’t get the email?” replied my boss.

“No I did not.” I said.

“We are here to talk about your work hours.” Said H.R. “We expect our salary employees to work 40 hours a week plus 10 hours casual overtime.”

“So you want me to work the standard 40 hours plus 10 hours unpaid overtime?” I said.

“That is correct.” Said H.R.

“Well, I will not be able to do that. I am a single father raising my daughter. I do not feel comfortable leaving my daughter in daycare for 12 hours. The state of Michigan frowns if a child is in daycare for more than 10 hrs. Being that the daycare facility is 45 minutes away from work, I can only work eight hours.” I said.

“Can someone else watch her?” replied H.R.

“No, my family lives out of state.” I replied.

“Well you are a great worker Claude. Everyone in the organization agrees. So we are willing to help you out. You can elect to go part-time. You can work a maximum of 36 hours a week or a minimum of 20 hours. What do you say?” said H.R.

“What’s the alternative?” I said.

“Well, you know we are forced to make salary cuts to survive. Can’t say for sure.”

I didn’t hesitate, had no choice. I said, “Yes. I will go part-time.”

“Ok, great we will work out the details on Monday. I send you an email shortly. Look it over and we can finalize it on Monday. “ said H.R.

The next day, I found out another guy in my department was fired. Looks like I was lucky.

I still remember the devastating look on my girlfriends face when I told her that evening during our date. I figured I better tell her to see if she is after my money. Just kidding. I was searching for an honest relationship, so in order to receive honesty you must give honesty.

It gets worse... This engineering job was my only income. I was using my credit cards because each month I was about $200 short. On top of that due to my past divorce, I was still paying interest on previous credit card charges. I was thinking about filing for bankruptcy. But I didn’t because the righteous action is to pay all debts.

How will I pay my debts with a pay cut. I’ll be going from $79K to approx. $50k a year. The salary I made when I first started. How will I make up the difference?

I always wanted to start my own business, but I was not sure how and in what industry. I just need extra money, about $1000 a month. How can I do it, with out asking my parents for money, or deceiving people on the Internet?

What is the secret of the Wealthy? I continued to ask myself.

I began to seek wisdom and pray for direction.

I joined a couple of network marketing opportunities. Big mistake! Found them emptying my pockets quicker than I could make a sale. So I continued to search on the Internet. I had to find something that I could buy, learn the marketing side of the business and not have to pay a fee each month.

So I called a local guy that is successful in network marketing. He is making a lot of money, a high five-figure income from network marketing and direct sales. I asked if I could treat him to lunch and ask a few questions. He replied of course, especially since I bought a program from him in the past.

Lunch went down like this.

I expressed my financial situation in general and he mentioned a book called the 123 Power System. It’s a book that explains how to market affiliate and network marketing products in a simple step-by-step format. In addition, when you purchase the book you have the rights to sell it to others as a distributor.

I asked if there are monthly fees. He gave it to me plain. He said “No, just the cost of the book. “

“Wow that sounds right up my ally. “ I said. I went home right away and researched. The book is legit. I purchased the book and software. A couple weeks later I made my first sell.

I could hardly believe it; I made my money back in the first sale. And then I sold another… another and more.

Not only that, I now use the methods to sell other products and services that put money in my pocket.

You’ll discover…

*How to get a 40% response rate from your email marketing campaign every time! (And if they don’t buy they will tell you why.)
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